Making a Case for Computer and Internet Security

Computer and the internet have become an essential part of our day to day life. We visit the internet on daily basis for our normal day to day routines like working, shopping, socializing and to entertain ourselves.  We go through the safe side of the internet without thinking if it can be used for bad purposes as well. It is the basic law of nature that if something has a good side then it must have a bad side as well. The criminal offenses that are associated with the internet are known as cyber crimes. There are a number of ways by which these cyber crimes cases can take place and harm the people you love.

Categories of Cyber crime cases: Listed below are the different ways by which a criminal case can take place on the internet by deferring your security:

  1. On the Person: When the security of an individual is harmed on the internet then such crimes are related to individual cyber crimes. These are the crimes like cyber pestering, distribution of adult multimedia without permission, trafficking and cleaning the data without permission.
  2. On The assets: Online we have a number of assets like online banks, wallets, credit card information, etc. One can easily attack these assets with the help of identity theft.
  3. On the government: This category is divided into two parts. In one, there is an attack on the government in the form of terrorism and where as in other, there is an attack in the form of hacking and stealing information from the government website. Both these attacks are capable of creating panic among the innocent people.

Types of Cyber crimes: After categorizing these crimes let us explore the different types of crimes that can alter the internet security:

  1. Hacking: Hacking into someone’s computer with the help of internet is a common crime these days. With the help of network every computer can be easily connected and so the hacking information can be easily passed. Hacking can lead to the access and theft of personal and sensitive information.
  2. Identity Theft: Collecting all the confidential information and using it as your identity for other serious crimes like stealing money online, getting sensitive information stored online, etc. is another type of internet crime.
  3. Copyright theft: Downloading the data from internet and then publishing it as your own is known as piracy. This data can either be any multimedia file, confidential document, scholarly article, etc.
  4. Child Abuse: It is the crime that takes place when young children socialize with strangers and these strangers importune the kids via chats with the intention of teen pornography.

Our online security is a serious issue that must be kept in mind while we are using the internet. We should be careful while sharing sensitive information with the strangers and on the strange and not so famous websites.